Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Senator Hillary Clinton (D-New York) addresses the U.S'. dependence on fuel.
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Anonymous said...

Please help! Bike4Peace will be arriving in Owatonna on (or around) Aug 30.

Bike4Peace is networking local peace groups across the continent in a tangible way with deep meaning and direct intention. Supporters ride bicycles toward DC in a coordinated manner, averaging 80 miles per day and resting one day for every four days of riding.

Bike4Peace 2006

Everett, WA to Washington, D.C. Join us in a peaceful protest against the War and occupation of Iraq and U.S. policies concerning oil resources, global domination and of course, terrorism. We hope to gather cyclists from across the country to converge on D.C. September 22 for a critical mass demonstration. Last year about 200 cyclists from the D.C. area formed a critical mass with us.

Our ride begins August 1 in Everett and arrives in D.C. September 22. If you can't ride, yet wish to support riders along this journey, you can host. Riders will need a place to stay, food for fuel and a place to shower and wash their socks.

Hosts provide food, shelter, a place to shower and possibly an opportunity to wash clothes. They also invite friends and neighbors to meet the riders or organize community events. In a pinch, the riders are prepared to camp out. Local people are encouraged to ride along as far as they feel comfortable. If you live on the west coast, Bike4Peace presents you an organizing opportunity. Like last year, a group of cyclists dedicated to the whole ride are planning to leave Everett, WA, on the first of August and arrive in DC on the 24th of September. They'd love to rendezvous with a converging ride from elsewhere. Perhaps you will organize a ride from your home. If you can't ride the whole way, you can organize a relay ride.

A great social change movement can emerge from each person's sincere efforts. Together, we can redirect our nation toward nonviolence and sensible energy use. Please do what you can and pass the word. Thanks.

Contact: Vernon Huffman POB 31 Everett, WA 98206 425-438-8985