Thursday, May 11, 2006

Gingrich Speaks Business In DC

Several applause stops spotted a speech by former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich during the Owatonna business visit to DC with the Minnesota and US Chambers of Commerce. The Gringrich speech highlights include:
-Compliments to business-people who know what needs to be done in DC but are too busy in their own business to do their civic work and don't often break down the doors of government.
-Science will change dramatically over the next few years which means more knowledge with more advanced technology.
-The US will need to transform itself to compete with China and India by changing: litigation, regulation, taxation, and security.

-Citizens need to be the immediate response to issues. Gingrich mentioned several examples of private business being many times more efficient than government and even joked that it might have been better for New Orleans if FEMA hadn't found its way there.
-Health Savings Accounts need to be implemented by employers so that employees are invested in their health care. Prevention and wellness is key piece of overall health of country.
-Education-interesting idea to pay kids money for math and science scores with grades of B or better in the poorest neighborhoods of America.

We'll have full audio of Gingrich's speech shortly on this site.

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