Friday, April 27, 2012

School Position- Future Proposals by Mike Milstead

The Owatonna School District is important to local business success by educating the future workforce, attracting new employees, and creating our future leaders. The Owatonna Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism (OACCT) Board of Directors would like to suggest increased involvement by the business community in the strategic efforts of the school district.

Chamber members know the recent decision to cut school programming is a major decision that will impact the district and community in multiple ways. We believe that a clear plan that results in a safe, productive, and challenging environment will continue to produce the quality student for which Owatonna has come to be known. Not being directly connected to the development of these recent proposals leaves us unqualified to advocate a position either way on behalf of our members regarding the validity of the proposal or the course of action that should be taken to resolve the budget crisis.

Chamber members have acknowledged the importance of the district’s plans and are requesting the Chamber’s agenda include sharing business input on current and future school district proposals.

We welcome an opportunity to share business expertise with school district officials to assist in resolving the challenges facing the district.

Committee member
Mike Milstead is one of the owners of Ag Power Enterprises, which is building a new location on 18th St. SW. The building is scheduled for completion late spring/early summer.

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