Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Community Welcome Banners Available

The Owatonna Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism’s MainStreet Program is offering businesses the opportunity to sponsor new welcome banners for the community.

The current City welcome banners have not been updated in almost 7 years. In order to guarantee a 5-year life span on the banners we need to replace the current brackets with spring-loaded brackets for durability in the changing seasons. Spring-loaded brackets are about $100 per pole. Any repairs to the banners over the 5-year timeframe will be taken care of at no charge to the sponsoring business.

The new welcome banners feature bright colors and the 3 designs will be alternated on the poles. Funds from the Welcome Banner program go toward the banners, any repairs, holiday decorations and lights.  The new banners feature Princess Owatonna, our downtown and also the State School Orphanage Museum. The company’s business logo will be featured on the bottom of the banner. Since the banners will be alternated there is no guarantee for a certain design or location.

For more information on sponsoring a banner please contact Melanie Blanchette, MainStreet Director at (507) 451-7970 or

You can find the banner sponsorship form also by following this link:

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