Wednesday, February 09, 2011

County Board Notes-Feb. 8, 2011

A part of the OACCT's Public Policy efforts for 2011 is for volunteers from the Public Policy committee attend both City and County meetings and report back on items that are of interest/concern to business.

Committee Reports
Human Services Committee 2/2
Legislative auditors report medical non-emergency transportation costs related to SEMCAC
SEMCAC is struggling so there may be some assistance
Looking into costs
other counties are paying 25 cents per mile
Public Health – Dornfeld recommended as the medical consultant – approved

Transportation and Drainage Committee 2/3
Authorized advertising for bids (striping, aggregate, etc)
Test lab needs to be operational by March/April – reviewing bids
Options for Sheriff storage area being explored
modular solution located at the detention center discussed – swat vehicle and evidence storage is a problem (Lon Thiele visited)
Temporary maintenance shop is working - land owner is accommodating but situation is not ideal

Committee of the Whole
Wetland preservation area program – proceed with adoption
Recommend Riaz Aziz (sp?) for the open position - 5 applicants total
100 hour intern in the MIS department approved

Adjourned 7:44pm

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