Thursday, November 04, 2010

City Council Notes-November 1, 2010

A part of the OACCT's Public Policy efforts for 2010 is for volunteers from the Public Policy committee attend both City and County meetings and report back on items that are of interest/concern to business.

Meeting started out with the Pledge of Allegiance and followed by comments from Marlene Nelson.

The biggest portion of the meeting was to address a petition from the business owners of the Oakdale Mall area to be exempt from the snow removal requirement on the sidewalk along the west side of Cedar Avenue from 18th Street SW to the Sacred Heart Cemetery. It is believed that there is not enough traffic to justify the expense. The petition was heard and will be discussed privately at a later date.

There were some miscellaneous items discussed and approved very quickly.

The Park and Rec. department gave an initial financial report of the River Springs Water Park. They will not have final numbers till December, but they estimated a positive revenue number of around $12,500. This was attributed mainly to the weather, but also some efficiencies learned from the previous year.

Council members encouraged everyone to vote and then the meeting was adjourned.

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