Monday, October 18, 2010

County Meeting Notes-October 12, 2010

A part of the OACCT's Public Policy efforts for 2010 is for volunteers from the Public Policy committee attend both City and County meetings and report back on items that are of interest/concern to business.

5 Items discussed.

1. Lisa Havelka presented to the board an update of the Tourism activities. In addition, informed them of an upcoming request for $1000 for the So. MN Tourism fund. The board was receptive to Lisa's presentation and asked for continuous updates from Lisa (quarterly).
2. Flood Abatements - County re-enforced that any citizen affected by the flood (on the disaster log) gets an extra 30 days.
3. Jail - Discussed the desire to go to debit cards instead of checks to allow for tighter controls for inmates leaving.
4. Bldg Permit Fees - Bldg permits were discussed to be reduced or eliminated as result of the flood.
5. JOBZ Request - board was asked to rezone (Swap) an area to allow for a new company to take advantage of the JOBZ program.

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Tom said...

Those were great 5 discussions. By the way, How was the final result of those 5 discussions? I haven't heard about JOBZ. What is JOBZ?