Friday, June 18, 2010

City Council Notes-June 15th

A part of the OACCT's Public Policy efforts for 2010 is for volunteers from the Public Policy committee attend both City and County meetings and report back on items that are of interest/concern to business.

Owatonna City Council Meeting


Oath of office for newly appointed Planning Commission Member – Catherine Benner

Public Comments:
A citizen was curious about some additional land purchased by the city
i. Wanted to know how much was actually owned total and intentions for the new land
ii. “Why buy land when we are broke”

Financial report given
New liquor license approved for business going into Webers – Reggie’s Brewhouse
Amendment to 2010 Budget due to reduction from the state
Receiving less in market value homestead credit - $467,721
i. Various cuts throughout the budget
ii. Health coverage for employees
iii. Reduction of Building Inspection Office
1. This became a discussion point for many of the local contactors due to the impact of a reduced staff to conduct required inspections
2. Delays construction projects because inspections are not conducted in a timely manner
3. Request to the City was to have a plan/policy

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